More than just a fancy foot massage!
So Reflexology is traditionally working across the feet, which is what I am trained in but there are variations for the hand and also the face.
The principle here is that the foot is a blue print of the body systems and by working across the feet you can stimulate certain points, reflex points, that correspond to parts of the body. By working the reflex point you stimulate the nerve network to in turn stimulate that body part.
It is a deeply relaxing and rebalancing treatment, and often people happily drift off during the session. The benefits are numerous and it can be so helpful to almost all conditions and ailments. I have used this technique to help to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, assist with menopause symptoms, general relaxation to name a few.
Reflexology sessions last an hour plus consultation, it begins with a cleansing foot spritz and hot towel, then a scented balm is applied and the session commences. Wrapped in a comforting fleece blanket you are free to drift off while the magic is worked, awakening to a wonderful deeply relaxed state.
I am happy to combine reflexology with a short massage, such as neck, back and shoulders, should you wish a combo treatment.